Neousys Nuvo 5095GC

The first embedded PC dedicated to CUDA computing applications, autopilot, deep learning, virtual reality and 3D Vision.

Nuvo-5095GC opens a new chapter for industrial computers. As the first embedded controller targeting at emerging applications of CUDA computing, autopilot, AI inference and virtual reality, Nuvo-5095GC integrates all features required for a compact, reliable and powerful GPU-computing platform.

Supporting nVidia® GeForce® GTX 950* and GTX 1050* GPU, Nuvo-5095GC possesses 768 CUDA cores to deliver tremendous computing power for arithmetic/graphics operations. Neousys’ patented Cassette technology and an innovative thermal design help to effectively dissipate the heat generated by GPU, thus make this compact system capable to operate reliably at 60°C with 100% GPU loading.

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