Quality Policy


The growing competitiveness and complexity of the sector makes it necessary to define an organizational structure capable of “ensuring” certainty to the customer, consistency of behavior and quality of the products / services offered which Advanced Technologies summarizes in the following principles:

• Constant attention to the customer both in terms of needs and services offered.

• Being able to provide a competitive product / service on the market.

• Manage its activities with characteristics of excellence, progressively reducing waste through a dynamic process of continuous improvement, risk analysis and in general growth of the human resources available.


Based on these shared principles, Advanced Technologies has defined its objectives in:

• Provide quality products that meet market needs and customer expectations, comply with the requirements of applicable laws, regulations and regulations, and marketed at a cost that pays off while allowing competitive pricing.

• Prevent and eliminate the causes of non-compliance and customer complaints.

• Improve the efficiency of the company system through a process of improvement over time

• Obtain and above all keep intact the awards that tangibly confirm the real efficiency of the Quality Management System and of the People who keep it alive.

To achieve these objectives, the Management intends to undertake by adopting measures to ensure:

• Involvement in the quality improvement process of all employees, ensuring means and resources, so that everyone is able to carry out their duties well, also engaging in involving all staff in the understanding and implementation of the Quality Policy.

• The training and constant updating of staff, both from a technical point of view and for soft skills

• Constant monitoring of production processes through specific KPIs

• Innovation continues as it is considered an essential component to remain competitive and a reference point for the sector.

In this regard, quality indicators have been introduced which will be constantly monitored and discussed periodically through the Review by the Management and periodic checks aimed at defining new improvement objectives.

These objectives are associated with a time target of achievement and are verified at least once a year as well as this Quality Policy.