Loyalty and above all transparency.

At Advanced Technologies we believe that the sharing of values underpins corporate welfare and good work.

For this reason we decided to create our own Code of Ethics for the company, but, above all, with the company.

We listened and gathered everyone’s thoughts and we concluded that the values that emerged are values that are recognised by the group.

The foundations of this company are transparency and respect, appearing both in the workplace and in outward services.

The primary objective for us is to find employees of great intelligence and to constantly stimulate professional growth.

To believe in what you do and to do it seriously, is the common denominator of administrators and employees who work daily such that the work undertaken results in excellence.

We believe that ethics in business relationsis a key value.

Finally, responsibility, towards one’s colleagues and outwardly, is the principle that allows Advanced Technologies to be the solid and constantly developing company it is today.

The Advanced Technologies Code of Ethics has been drafted and approved by all of its employees.